The Physical Principles of Aikido

A Definitive Series of Instructional Videos About Aikido Principles


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It is with deep regret and sadness that I must announce that Hiroaki Izumi (Rocky) Sensei passed away on March 1, 2013. Friends and colleagues around the world will miss his enthusiasic, knowledgable and inquiring persona and his boundless energy and eagerness to share and explore the aikido experience.

Rocky was warming up at a kendo seminar in Dubai when he was unexpectedly struck with a heart attack. He was just 59 years of age.

Rocky's new organization, Jin Yuu Gi, will be continued by many of his followers as a philosophical foundation to their continued practice of the art of aikido.

If you are interested in following this news go to this facebook page or request inclusion in this closed facebook group. Also, a yearly memorial event has been declared to happen around March 1 every year. Check the Facebook pages for details.

The video series will continue to be made available. They are now available on for reasonable price. There are 2 more videos in the series to come. Both on the subject "Use of the Thumb".

-Robert Bergman

Kamae   Tai Sabaki   Ki Extension   Awase   Balance   Maai   Fumikomi   Furikaburi   Ki-Ken-Tai   Ki No Nagare   Jyu Waza   Henka Waza   Third Point   90 Degree   Jo Style   Ken Style   Controlling Slack   Hanmi   Thumb Control   Kokyu   Tanden   Elbow Control   Kaeshi Waza   Emptying the Teacup Motion   Linear Hip Power   Rotational Hip Power   Senshin   Tsushin   Attacking the Center  
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